We Think Outside the Can

It’s funny to think about recycling as creative, but it takes a lot of creativity to address the needs of our customers, who are as varied as the types of waste they need us to handle for them.

What we offer

We Love to Innovate

And, it’s where we really shine. Our team visits your site, learns about your business and your waste issues and provides solutions.

We’ve been around for a while, and we do not own a single landfill. 

These two facts give you confidence that:

  • Your materials will be recycled and managed responsibly and in the most efficient manner possible.
  • You are assured we have managed every square foot of your waste to the best of our ability. We do everything we can to recycle and divert.
  • We accept a diverse range of materials.
  • We have sorting capabilities to take in and sort mixed materials.
  • We have the ability to create custom, unique programs for clients.
  • We have long-standing relationships with end users of recyclable materials.

What We Offer

Single Stream Recycling

We Sort, You Save

Don’t want the headache or hassle of sorting your recyclables? No problem. Friedman Recycling can take all of your recyclables in a single stream – all mixed together. We’ll do the sorting for you and make sure your recyclables get fully recovered and stay out of the landfill. Friedman’s Material Recovery Facilities use the latest in state-of-the-art sorting technology. Our highly automated processing systems efficiently sort commingled recyclables and maximize economic & environmental impact.

Total Facility Solutions

Path to Achievable Sustainability

Whether you’re a large industrial manufacturer, distribution center, multi-tenant retail facility, or small business, Friedman Recycling has the recycling solution to meet your needs. From 20yd and 40yd roll off containers, 53ft semi van trailers, routed flatbed services, to a full range of compactors and balers, we have the equipment, experience, and expertise to provide you with all of your recycling and solid waste services.

Direct-to-Mill Brokerage

Here and Beyond

Friedman Recycling markets full-truck-load quantities of single commodity recyclables all over the country. We specialize in supporting large distribution centers, commercial print shops, and box manufacturers in the processing and marketing of their recyclables scrap. Our 40 years of mill relationships and experienced logistics team allow us to provide our clients with market leading pricing, superior customer service, and timely and accurate reporting and payment.

Compactors and Balers

Compactors and Balers

Efficient Material Handling

This is a crucial component to any successful recycling program. Friedman Recycling offers a full range of compactors and balers, including break-away and self-contained compactors, vertical and horizontal balers, and an array of accessories, including cart-tippers, conveyors, and blow-systems. Our skilled technicians and engineers will work with you to determine the ideal unit for your needs and ensure the perfect configuration and installation. Friedman specializes in providing low cost rental programs with no down-payment required and regular preventative maintenance included.

Regional & National Account Management

Direct Service, Countrywide

Friedman Recycling provides direct service to accounts anywhere in Arizona and we manage accounts all over the United States. Utilizing our vetted network of the top recycling companies in each region, Friedman is able to manage your recycling needs anywhere in the country. Our national account management program provides superior customer service, top pricing, and a single point-of-contact for all of your recycling needs. Friedman ensures all service levels are consistent with your national directive and monitors the payment and performance of each service supplier providing consolidated monthly reports documenting your recycling programs economic and environmental impact.

Environmental & Economic Impact Reporting

Tracking Efforts Consistently

All of Friedman Recycling’s programs include detailed data tracking to monitor and maximize your recycling efforts success. Each month, Friedman will provide you with a detailed Environmental & Economic Impact Report demonstrating the natural resources conserved and financial resources saved through your recycling efforts. 

Materials for recycling

Materials we accept

  • Cardboard
  • Office Paper
  • Printers’ Mix
  • Junk Mail
  • Books & Catalogues
  • Office Files
  • Shrink Wrap (LDPE)
  • Soda/Water Bottles (PETE)
  • Milk/Water Jugs (HDPE – Natural)
  • Detergent Bottles (HDPE – Colored)
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Tin Can
  • Scrap Metal
  • Polystyrene – Styrofoam
  • Misc. Plastics: Crates, Pallets, Hangars, & Containers
  • Wood Pallets
  • Organics – Food Waste, Coffee Grounds, Green Waste
  • Wood Waste
  • Electronic Waste

We Are Here to Stay

We are second-generation owners of a family-owned business.

What does this mean for you?
We care about this community and our relationships have value to us both professionally and personally. When your business has an issue that needs a little extra attention, one of the owners will meet with you to learn about your issue and provide solutions.
Our clients have direct access to the decision-makers. Together we dig into your problems and formulate solutions.
Our tenure and experience in the recycling business means you benefit from our knowledge and our established success. Do you need a long-term contract? No problem, we are here to help, and we aren’t going anywhere.

Outside-the-norm solutions are our specialty.

And it’s where we have the most fun.

In a large corporate entity decisions around providing outside the normal solutions could take days or weeks to get an answer. And the answer is often no.
At Friedman Recycling our decision makers are embedded in the day-to-day operations, familiar with every relationship, and eager to take on a challenge. We understand that some accounts may require new equipment, a new process, or a new approach. That’s fine. We’ve done it before.
Send us your biggest mess and we will clean it up.