There’s more than one way to take out the trash

A good waste control program involves much more than picking up at point A and dropping off at point B. It requires creativity and intelligence to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Just the kind of thing Friedman Recycling Companies does best.

Unlike other waste management companies, we don’t own any landfills, so we have no agenda to fill them. We throw away only the true waste and recycle the rest. We specialize in customizing a solid waste control system specifically designed for you—one that takes your operations into account, leverages your facility layout, and considers your total waste output.

After more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve become experts. We are constantly evaluating our service and your capacity, determining the right container needs and pickup schedule for your business. The end result is a waste control program that optimizes cost efficiency and helps create a more productive workspace.

Six good reasons to let
Friedman handle your waste

  1. Creative solutions for reducing your costs
  2. Monthly reporting helps you manage your efficiency and waste spend
  3. Ongoing waste-stream audits that ensure customized, cost-effective service
  4. Excellent customer-driver communication through state-of-the-art dispatch center
  5. An extensive fleet of vehicles gives you a variety of hauling options
  6. More than 30 years of experience makes us the experts