What can Friedman do for you?

We may be one of the region's largest and most knowledgeable waste handlers and recyclers, but we’re also a family-owned, hands-on, customer-focused business. We think that makes us especially people-minded and service-oriented. We’re big enough to tackle almost any waste problem, but flexible enough to take a personal interest in yours.

We recognize that all of our clients are unique, with their own set of requirements. So we suit our services to fit their needs, and we make ourselves available to serve in whatever capacity works best.

Everyone here is interested in serving you, including the guys at the top. In fact, you can pick up the phone and call our owners directly. Contact David Friedman at 602-859-9162 or Morris Friedman at 602-448-4569. They’re always ready to help you implement a waste and recycling system that saves you a ton of money—and who knows, maybe even the planet.

After all, that’s what we’re here for.