Let Friedman sort it out for you

Friedman isn’t the only recycling company in the world, but we just might be the best. After all, we’ve been doing it a long time—over 30 years—and we’ve become experts at customizing solutions that save time, money and the environment.

We do things a little differently. For example, we audit your waste stream to come up with fresh solutions for capturing the broadest diversity of materials possible. We help you implement an overall waste strategy. We train your personnel to ensure your program’s success. And unlike other recycling/waste management companies, we don’t own any landfills, so we have no agenda to fill them. We don’t dump what should be recycled.

Our modern recycling plants are among the most technologically advanced in the industry, delivering a cost-efficiency we cheerfully pass on to you. With Friedman, you can protect the planet and your operating budget at the same time.

Six good reasons to use Friedman Recycling Companies

  1. Capture and recycle as many materials as possible
  2. Customize and economize with creative solutions that reduce costs
  3. Audit your waste stream to maximize recycling efficiency
  4. Track your savings with accurate Environmental and Economic Impact reports
  5. Educate employees to promote your program internally
  6. Rely on Freidman’s expert knowledge and over 30 years of experience