History and values you don’t throw away

Abe Friedman moved to the desert in 1975 with nothing but a paper shredder and a dream.

Not exactly true. He also had asthma, not to mention the considerable experience of having successfully run his own recycling business back in Ohio. He sold it when he relocated to Phoenix for his respiratory health, but it didn’t take him long to get back to his recycling roots, founding Friedman Recycling Company in 1977.

Abe supervised the thriving paper-recycling company, growing it into a multi-faceted business with major facilities in 3 cities and counting. All the while, Abe kept it in the family, eventually handing operations over to his sons, David and Morris, who serve as co-General Managers today. Abe, who passed away in 2000, would be proud of his sons and what his company—which he considered his extended family—has become.

Indeed, Friedman Recycling Company is like a family in many ways. Some of our employees have been with us since “birth,” and we look out for each other as much as we take care of our customers.

Our company philosophy exemplifies what you might call our Friedman family values. We’re always trying to meet our customers’ needs and expand our business to serve them better. But we don’t promise anything we cannot deliver. We believe our integrity and reputation in the marketplace is at stake in everything we do, so if we say we’re going to provide a service, we feel it’s important to do it right.

We rely on all of our employees to maintain this can-do philosophy, and count ourselves as fortunate to have a dedicated team that is focused on pleasing our customers, who we tend to treat with good, old-fashioned, neighborly respect. Whether it’s performing difficult pickups or packing a particular grade, our size and management structure allow us to react quickly to special requests. We achieve a higher level of customer service that the large national companies have a hard time reaching.

We have to say it all comes from Abe, who understood those many years ago that when you put your heart into a family business, it’s in the right place.