Saving the planet starts at work

Setting up a recycling program at your place of business will make a big difference for the environment. Consider how many resources you save by recycling one ton of office paper:

17 trees
Enough electricity to power the average home for 6 months
7,000 gallons of water
384 gallons of oil
3.3 cubic yards of landfill space

Multiply that by potentially several tons per year, and you’ve got the makings of a green revolution on your hands.

Recycling not only saves an incredible amount of resources, it lowers your waste hauling expenses and generates goodwill among your employees and customers. Everybody loves the idea of going green. That translates into increased profits and improved employee loyalty. It’s easy to see: recycling is good for business.

Help the environment:

  1. Power off at night
  2. Encourage employee carpooling
  3. Capture recyclable materials
  4. Shade windows
  5. Go paperless

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