Equipment that pays for itself

Friedman Recycling Companies is the best place to purchase your equipment because we are expert at customizing packages that literally pay for themselves through reduced hauling costs and increased recycling revenues.

We begin by consulting with you on the size and types of containers, balers and/or compactors that will succeed best in your operational facilities and that will integrate well with your locations and work environments. Using years of practical experience and design creativity as our guide, we then customize feeder systems, cart loaders, conveyers and hoppers to optimize your equipment function.

After tailoring your equipment for maximum efficiency, we can often lower your costs even further by being your committed hauler. Our final proposal will spell out your specific savings in dollars and cents—numbers you can count on because they’re based on 30-plus years of waste-hauling and recycling experience.

For recycling and waste-control equipment, check with Friedman first. No one offers a more complete line of balers, compactors and containers that decrease costs and increase productivity.