The real reasons for secure data destruction

Secure data destruction is more than just good common sense; it’s the law.
Between FACTA rules governing financial records and HIPAA regulations concerning personal health information, you have an alphabet soup of regulations to swim through to stay in compliance. If not, you may be subject to steep fines and stiff penalties.

The good news is it’s far less expensive and much more secure to outsource data destruction to a professional like Friedman than to do it yourself or work with a volunteer agency. We have processes for destroying all kinds of sensitive information, including electronic waste, hard drives, CPUs, floppy discs, memory sticks—even microfilm and microfiche. We also specialize in proprietary product destruction, such as food, clothing or industrial parts.

As the premier provider in the industry, we have the experience and expertise to keep you safe in a risky regulatory environment. We give you security containers for sensitive documents, each with its own barcode that we scan and track to show full chain of custody. After your data is shredded or pulverized, all materials are recycled and we give you an insurance-backed certificate of destruction, so you can be certain you’re in compliance. Safe, convenient, affordable.

Six good reasons not to shred it yourself

  1. It’s cheaper to outsource
  2. Shredding yourself provides no record of compliance
  3. Office shredders can’t handle some materials and frequently break down
  4. Employees don’t always use shredders when they should
  5. Employees should not handle some sensitive information
  6. Shredded documents from a single office are too easy to reconstruct