Customizing with our customers

At Friedman, we work extra hard with our commercial customers, widening our capabilities to meet their expanding needs. We think and act like a value-added partner, not just a vendor. We collaborate and problem-solve together, arriving at cost-conscious solutions that add to the bottom line.

You can really do that with a recycling program—perhaps more than you might expect—by customizing a total system that perfectly suits your facilities and standard operating procedures. No two are the same, and Friedman is a master at adapting and modifying our equipment, collections and processing capabilities to seamlessly integrate with your physical plant and business operations. We design programs for offices, schools, churches and synagogues, print shops, industrial facilities, and more.

Nothing stands still for very long, so we’re also able to adapt quickly to changing situations as your business evolves. That becomes evident as you look at Friedman’s 30-plus years of working with a variety of commercial customers in a broad area of industries, from simple, one-site operations to multi-level, multi-site enterprises. We are an agile, nimble operator, and we move and grow with our customers, keeping pace with their market segments. Our flexibility enables us to compete with multi-million-dollar national companies whose size tends to slow them down and make them less responsive.

We are always available to our customers, looking for new ways to economize and streamline, so we can process more kinds of recyclable waste and reduce overall operating costs. Call Friedman Recycling today, and see what a difference a customized solution can make.